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Backside #1
Scales O
size 12 x 17 ¾
This is the back of a storefront on main street in Akron, Ohio. It is six
stories tall with many windows bricked up.

The Trackside Flats Modular Backdrop System

Other backdrops require you to design your layout to fit what is on the backdrop. If you have already built your layout it can be hard to find a backdrop that will fit with what you have.

The Trackside flats Modular backdrop system allows you to design the backdrop to fit your already existing scene. You decide what buildings to use and where to put them. If you change your mind you can move them or replace them with another building.

Start with our cloud and sky backdrop. Then choose the individual buildings you would like to have on your layout. The buildings are 2D photo flats glued to foam core board. They are ¼ inch thick and can be layered to create the illusion of depth. Each building is a photo of a real building in the real world giving real life weathering and detail. Each building has been re-sized to scale and photoshoped to remove as much modern items as possible so they can be used on almost any era layout. If you already have a backdrop or painted wall just add buildings to what you have to customize it.

The best effect can be achieved by layering a smaller
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