303 Lee Enfield 1888 MkI Type 2 Lee Metford Bayonet

RARE British Pattern 1888 MkI, Type 2
"Lee-Metford" Bayonet

Low Ser No# 579

MkI, 2nd Type Double edged blade of approximately 12" in length


The grips are of wood, held in place by two brass rivets; an oil-hole is present behind the second rivet.

Good Condition

Blade Bright and Shiny

One Small Nick in Top of Blade

No Rust or Pitting

Some Surface Discoloration On Pommel

Blade Was Sharpened

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It is in a remarkable shape, for a 120-year-old bayonet


Shortly after the introduction of this bayonet, a new version was issued in which the grips were secured by only two brass rivets. The large rivet remained unchanged, but the two small rivets were now replaced by a single large rivet, which was positioned below the oiling hole

This is a double-edged bayonet originally manufactured to fit the Pattern 1888 Lee-Metford Infantry Rifle .

These likely saw service in the Boer War and WWI. The 1888 MkI is very functional and of high quality manufacture. The hilt incorporates an odd-shaped pommel with push-button/internal-spring latch, steel crossguard.

The blade is a double-edge type, unfullered, with a medial rib the runs from the ricasso to the blade tip; bright finish

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