304 Stainless steel SOUNDING: Male Urethral Stretching Double function

[Material] Made from high quality surgical grade stainless steel, which will never rust. More beautiful in person than the picture shows.

Comfortable! All edges are very smooth!


Effective length of about 205 mm (8.2 "), equipped with rotary switch, switch pellet diameter 10 mm (0.4 "),

Front metal part catheter long sixty mm (2.4 "), back end long about twenty mm (0.8 "), outer diameter and mm (0.32 "), the diameter 3 mm (0.12 ")

Silicone tube diameter 6 mm (0.24 "), with a length of 125 mm (5 "),

Match two ring diameter is 25 mm (1 ") and 30 mm (1.2 ")

Note: These items are hand-made so small variations in size are normal. Actual dimensions will be within +-1mm of the listed size.

Identification of stainless steel

1. When you receive the product, you can use a sharp object such as a knife blade or a screwdriver and try to draw a mark on the stainless steel. If the product was made of brass with a chrome-plated surface, marking it would reveal the brass as shown in Figure 1. This item is made of solid stainless steel, so marking it will have no effect.

2. To prove that the product is stainless steel, put a little water, wine, and salt in a plastic container and soak the product for one night. High quality stainless steel will not rust or
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