Read this carefully, then read it again. You are bidding on a piece of paper (a contract) giving you the right to buy 200,000 New Iraqi Dinar for $295 within 30 days no matter what the value goes up to. A coupon of sorts. A layaway plan. The option to buy in the future at today's prices. Get it? You will not get any Dinar just for winning this auction. Some people call it "Dinar on reserve." You will get a contract giving you the right to buy Dinar in the future (up to 30 days) at today's prices.

I will mail you a legally binding contract signed, by me, saying that at any time within the next 30 days, and no more, you may purchase, from me, the given amount of Iraqi Dinar at the given rate. If the Dinar goes up in value before that thirty days is up, or not, I must still sell you the 200,000 Dinar for $295, if you choose. All you have to do is deliver, to me, a cashiers check or m0ney order via a signature proven delivery service of the amount specified above, and I will Priority Mail deliver the amount of Dinar indicated in this auction. It is like a right of first refusal or an option to buy, if you will. The Dinar payment must arrive on or before the 30th calendar day or the agreement will be null and void and you will not be entitled to redemption, or refund of any amount paid for this auction.

The cost of this

This is a perfect way to leverage your money into more. If you think that the ReValue of the Iraqi Dinar is going to happen this weekend or in the next 30 days then why not bank on it? FedEx overnight shipment of the Dinar is available by including an extra $25 dollars with your final payment.

Don't fall for those that copied me. I pioneered the Dinar option on eBay and have all the Dinar to cover the options I write in my safe deposit box.

Terms and Conditions
Chain of events:
1. You win the auction and pay immediately.
a. You cannot pay by eCheck, only Paypal balance, bank debit, or credit card where funds are available immediately.
b. If you do not pay within 24 hours of the auction close the deal is off and you will be given negative feedback and flagged as a non-paying bidder.
2. The timer starts at the close of the auction.
3. I send you a signed contract by mail.
4. The Iraqi Dinar does or does not change in value.
5. Anytime before the 30th day you send $295 (Plus $25 for FedEx if you want)
6. I receive your cashiers check or m0ney order on or any time before the 30th day.
7. I ship you the 200,000 New Iraqi Dinar currency by Priority mail or by FedEx if you paid for it.
8. Whether you do or do not buy the Dinar within 30 days you WILL NOT receive a refund for this auction.
9. If the 30th calendar day falls on a weekend or a holiday you have until the next day that signature mail can be delivered.
10. Once you win the auction and pay the winning auction amount, whether you have the contract in hand yet or not, I will honor the terms.

Please send any questions before bidding.

IF you exersize your option , the picture below is a representation of the types of bills you would get, 8 x 25K New Iraqi Dinar bills. Again, only IF you follow through with the terms of the contract you are bidding on. I have them in stock and will set them aside for you for 30 days once you win this auction.

Some have asked if I am registered with the U.S Treasury Department as a money services business. As a matter of fact I am and would provide proof if you really need it. It is U.S. Treasury department Document Control Number 20103210039125.

The Iraqi Dinar was worth $3.20USD before the United Nations embargo that followed Iraq's 1990 invasion of Kuwait. By August 2002 it was trading at just below 2000 to the US dollar, and by mid-April 2003 it had slipped to anywhere between 3500 and 4000 against the dollar. In July 2003 one US dollar equaled about 1,500 Iraqi Dinars, now it's at 1,168 in Iraq.

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