31 Day Korea Clock Movement FOR PARTS Time & Strike

This 1977 movement came out of a Korean wall clock. It is used and being sold for PARTS ONLY.
It is complete. All wheels turn freely. It needs repair to the rivet on the time side mainspring. It will not hold the I recommend a professional take this apart as the mainsprings do supply a great deal of power when wound and this has the potential to do some damage if not handled properly during dis-assembly.
Included are the hands, gong unit and the pendulum. Sorry, I don't have the key.
Measures 11-1/4" from hand shaft to tip of pendulum.
Front and back plates are 4-1/2" in diameter.
3-1/8" between winding arbors.
2-7/8" from winding arbor to center shaft.
Minute hand is 3-1/2" long.
8-3/4" from top of Chime block to tip of longest rod.