31 Star Wars figures - orig. complete w/ weapons & assess. + Darth Vader case

These are my toys from childhood. I never actually played with them, I just liked collecting them. They haven't seen dust or dirt or any play action.
Please look my other auctions coming...I have a 5 foot by 10 foot by 10 foot high storage (climate controlled) filled with my Star Wars collection that's getting sold off,
With many of these figures retailing for $35, 60, 80 100...I came to this starting price reckoning the 31 figures at just $20 each (=600) were easily worth that the start price, let alone selling their weapons and accessories separately, plus the cards...and then there is the Darth Vader case. Hundreds of dollars to earn here if you resale, or just a fair price for a collector. Hope that helps. Kind regards to all
- all original vintage and I'm the original owner
- weapons and original accessories with each figure (*I'm considering breaking it up and selling all piecemeal weapons, clothes and all...I would earn a lot more, but hoping to avoid the hassle and sell it as a lot here to a reseller or serious collector.
- No requests please for BIN sales or breaking it up. Not ready yet for that.
-included in this sale is the Darth Vader case and 31 figures filling it with labels
- 11 backing cards, as seen in pics.
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