31 Old Vintage Antique Clay Bennington Marble Lot 1 Fancy & 1 Gray Bennington

For your consideration is a nice lot of old handmade marbles! My favorite is the Gray Bennington. First, I've never seen one and also it has stripes on one side like a china marble would have. It isn't very round, has a few flat spots. It measures .72". The Fancy Bennington measures .80" and is in very good condition. The small blue Bennington is also in very good condition. I'm not sure how to grade these, but the two just mentioned don't have any worn or chipped spots. There is a white clay that is kind of oblong that looks like it was hand rolled. It measures .54". There are 27 clays, a wide variety of color and there is only one green one that has like a peeling spot and the one in the front that has a popped bubble. The two large ones, red and white are not in the count because I'm not sure what they are made of. They are lightweight and they could even be plastic, embarrassing.... But the red one does glow orange under a blacklight. they measure .95"
Please note that I am still new to marbles. I'm still learning terms, names and condition grading. My words are my opinion only, so if you have questions about anything, please ask. I look over the marbles with a 40x loupe for defects and will try my best to grade it accurately.
I will gladly combine shipping. I try my best to keep shipping costs as low
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