311, UNO LAKEFRONT ARENA , New Orleans, 3/11/02 approx. 18" X 12" signed by THE POSTER ARTIST .

. A sound investment for the future with his signature at the bottom right border With little or no respect from the rock media, 311 stormed out of Nebraska with its self-proclaimed "Omaha style"--a mix of Red Hot Chili Peppers-style funk, metallic thrash, alternative-rock anthems, fluid rapping and Grateful Dead-inspired space jamming--and the group slowly but surely built a rabid, devoted following for its diverse recordings and high-energy live shows. 311 has its roots in another band formed by key players Nick Hexum (vocals, guitar) and Chad Sexton (drums) in the late '80s. The two made their first stab at the big time when they moved to L.A. and tried to land a deal with a band called Unity, but it was too much too soon, and they returned to Omaha broke and beaten. They regrouped with bassist P-Nut (Aaron Charles Wills), guitarist Tim Mahoney (who replaced Jimi Watson) and rapper/scratcher S.A. (Doug Martinez) and played their first show as 311 in 1990 opening for Fugazi; the name is Omaha police code for indecent exposure, and it came from a skinny-dipping incident involving Watson. Three self-released albums followed. Dammit! (1990), Unity (1991) and Hydroponic (1992) are all valued collectibles now, though band members insist

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