$315 Lalique jewelry Fleur Ronces Black Ring T57 size 8

Original Brand Name: Lalique Black Fleur Ronces

Made In: France

Product Type: Ring

Make: Handmade

Gemstone Info

Gemstone: Crystal

Quantity: 1

Shape: Fancy

Color: Black

Other Information

Fleur de Ronces

Captured by the curved crystal, the stylized bramble of the Fleur de Ronces jewels offers a dangerous beauty. It allures us with its lengthy limbs, inviting us to touch: prudence is required. Majestically combining the purity of crystal and the strength of the interlaced lines, this collection puts forward a particular glow for a contemporary and inimitable look.

Gender: Ladies

About The Brand:

Lalique is the only crystal brand which, through artistry and fusion at 1,400 C, metamorphoses raw materials into unique works of art.For more than 100 years, Lalique has been known for its glassmaking techniques and unique designs. By 1890, Lalique was recognized as one of France's foremost art nouveau and art deco designers. Lalique went on to be one of the most famous in the field, the name synonymous with creativity and quality. The LALIQUE style comes from an artistic gesture, a style that one easily recognizes through the manual modelling of the shapes and patternswith the contrast of clear and matt crystal. Lalique has an identity
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