1/32 F-4 B/N Phantom II JFP-32003 Main Wheels LIKE CUTTING EDGE

For sale is one new set as shown in photo. 1/32 Scale Resin cast by AMS Resin.

JustFor Phantoms is a line of detail parts to convert the1/32 scale Tamiya Phantom "J" kit into the B/N versions. I got back into aircraft modeling after Cutting Edge closed the doors and man did I miss out. Anyways, I am making my own set and am casting extras to sell on ebay. Quantities are going to be extremely limited as I have a full time job and do not wish to spend all my time stuck in the basement casting parts. I am thinking when the molds no longer turn out good copies it will be game over. If you want to join me and build along, get the parts while you can. The other option is to pay $400 when a Cutting Edge set comes up for auction, and you will still have to make several corrections to them. I will do my best to work with you and try not to leave anyone missing one or two parts they need to finish the conversion.

I use a vacuum chamber for mold making and a pressure pot for casting. The parts have nice detail and are well cast. Resin color may vary. I have most of the parts mastered now, just need to make molds and do some casting. As I get the parts done and cast, they will go up on ebay for sale. I am doing it this way and not waiting for a complete kit to sell because this is an expensive venture for me and I’m broke as
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