32" Armand Marseille German Bisque 390n A.12.M.

Armand Marseille 32" doll made in Germany. Doll marked on back of neck 390n D.R.G.M. 24-6/1 S. 12. M. Bisque head with brown wig glued on. She has alovely face with feathered eyebrows and lashes around eyes. She has 5 teeth wiith red dots in nose and inner eye. Fingers have red outline between them and on nails. This doll has been repaired and still needs to have further work done on the body. She has large open brown eyes, only one eye has an eyelash,and there is some lid showing. Composition body with joints in arms and legs. Upper leg joints have not been fully repaired and show some brown damage. One leg has some peeling around knee joint and a rectangular piece cut out on upper leg joint. Chest has been repaired and is not very smooth. Incredible blue/green outfit with deatailed feathered stitching, could be brocade outfit. She has a pleated skirt with lovely lace trim on arms and on sides. She has a cream shirred snapped in center. Her wired hat has lace trim and is shirred in the back, with satin bows. Black patent shoes and high socks. Slip and pantaloons have some stains. As I can only put on 4 pictures I have tried to describe her in detail. Buyer pays shipping and handling costs.