32 Piece Sterling Rogers Flatware Old Charleston

Up for bids is this set of sterling silver Old Charleston Rogers flatware. Rogers describes this pattern as "Strikingly distinctive with rich carving ... graceful outlines flawlessly fashioned to reflect pristine charm and elegance of Old South." T are 32 pieces total - 8 luncheon forks, 8 salad forks, 6 teaspoons, 2 tablespoons/serving spoons, and 8 luncheon knives with hollow handles (one knife is monogrammed with an A - that is the only piece in the set with a monogram. The set comes in its original mahogany box with the paper Rogers sterling guarantee which describes this and four other patterns and includes the original prices - effective 1954. This set (which originally had 2 additional teaspoons) was $199 back in the 1950s - That's about $1500 today!
Specifics and Condition:
The box is in fabulous condition with only a few minor blemishes on the top. The interior velvet is in fantastic condition - t is still the original "tarnish resistant" sticker inside and the solid mahogany hang tag as well. The sides have a few very minor dings. The outside was cleaned and waxed.
This set has been cleaned, but not buffed. All pieces look much better in person than the photos (especially the spoons) - I have not mastered the art of photographing metal.
Luncheon forks: Measure 7.25 inches long. All handles and tines are
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