32 Rolls Lincoln Memorial Copper Pennies!!!

Hello and Thank You for looking at my auction. I have for sale $16.00 face value of copper cents. They will be Lincoln Memorial pennies between 1959 and 1982 and are 95% copper. There is just over 10 lbs of copper in $16.00 worth of copper pennies. I live near the Canadian border so there will be a few Canadian pennies and a few 1982 pennies but they will be copper. These were sorted with a machine so the 82'S and the Canadian pennies will be copper. They have not made a copper penny since 1982, that's 29 years. These will be machine rolled. The photo is a stock photo, all the rolls look the same.
Check out the melt value at Copper is over $4.00 a pound again and at the moment the melt value of these pennies is over $45.00. Right now it is illegal to melt copper pennies, but that will probably change in the future, it always has before. When the melt ban is lifted copper pennies will disappear from circulation immediately. Finding copper pennies in circulation after the ban is lifted will be like finding wheat pennies in circulation is today and you know how rare it is to find one of those today. Then watch the value of copper pennies take off like silver has done. In a few years $16.00 worth of copper pennies could very well be worth 10 to 15 times face like silver is today. If that does happen these pennies could very well
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