32 Total Knives all brands mostly JUNK Has a nice Hickory Hill roll case

These came out of a storage auction and I guess they keep or sold all the good knives. Don't get me wrong as some of the ones from overseas are in good shape I was talking about all the ones made in the USA.The Case 216-5 fixed b la de looks like someone sharpened it on a grinder, don't know if you can fi x that or not. The large Camillus is just plain used till about half bl ade left. The others are just plain bad. There are 31 f olding and the 1 fixed blade. The Hickory Hill case was my son's and I put the knives in it. Some of the names are Barlow, C raftsman, Camillus, Imperial, Boker, C ase and made be 1 or 2 of other USA brand, not sure. The starting price is to cover the cost of the carrying case.
Any questions please ask before bidding as I will NOT REFUND on these.