324 ~ MAYPOP, Mary Walcott 1925 Antique Color Art Print


ARTIST: Mary Walcott


This lovely artistic antique botanical flower print, circa 1925, was extracted from an old folio of flower prints whose goal was to present all the wild flowers native to North America at that time. The species are presented in more scientific presentation used by biologists and scientists, which is as a close-up of the flower on its own on a white background. This famous artist has captured the exquisite detail in the leaves, petals, stem and flower buds. Given the changing world climate and decline in forest and wildlands over the last century, the flowering plants from this series are in many cases quite rare in their wild ecological habitat and are most likely found being cultivated in a nursery or greenhouse. Once framed, this print would make a fine shabby chic interior decorating accent in a kitchen or bathroom. Great gift for the gardener or landscape architect.

DESCRIPTION OF FLOWER: Passiflora incarnata Linnaeus

The Passionflower Family of three hundred and fifty species is exclusively American, and nearly all the species are inhabitants of the tropics. Only a few are found in the United States and of these the maypop is hardy as far north as Virginia and even farther northward. It is a vigorous vine, often growing thirty feet in length, with many tendrils
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