336A Western Electric Audio Tube 4ea Tubes sim 349A

336A Western Electric Audio Power pent Tube 4ea Tubes

Up for bid 4ea Western Electric tubes. You are biding on all 4 tubes in the photo.

They are made by Western Electric for US Navy. Printed on dome JAN-336A Made in USA Western Electric. Yellow print on bases USN

They are all from the same production. Date code 16.

They are crip mint NOS, New in original boxes, the boxes were sealed before I cut them oppen for testing..

It is an audio power pentode similar to WE 349A. 349A is an octal base 6.3V heater 336A. 336A has 6 pin base and 10V heater.

I have tested them on my calirated TV-10:

min is 1950

Tube 1 4125

Tube 2 4250

Tube 3 4000

Tube 4 4000

no gas or shorts.

I have also matched them for plate current (Ip) at meaning full voltages. Ef=10V Ep=250V Eg2=250V Eg=-14V


Tube 1 25mA

Tube 2 25mA

Tube 3 26mA

Tube 4 25mA

I also checked screen current


Tube 1 5.2mA

Tube2 5.2mA

Tube 3 5.7mA

Tube 4 5.2mA

I also checked grid current

Grid current <0.5uA on all tubes

Payment: I accept MO,IMO,Cash $, or paypal

Shipping: You pay estimated shipping+$3H. I will properly pack them and ship them.I am not resposable for lost shipments or packages damaged
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