33mm Dark Brown Lodolite Quartz Crystal Sphere Ball

Nature Gem Stone -- Sp Beautiful, Lovely Lodolite Quartz Crystal Gemstone Sp --Excellent Quality!--Diameter: approx. 33mm or 1.3 inches; 1.8 Ozs! -- Nature, Unique--Don't miss this one!

This gemstone sp/ ball is brand new, fabulous look. It is high quality from Brazil. Perfectly polished. Lodolite Quartz is a powerful crystal with tons of energy and this one has plenty. It would be a great addition to your collections. The sp pictured is the exact one you will receive.

Lodolite (Lodolite - Latin) is found at one site only in MINAS GERAIS in the Minas State in Brazil. Lodolite (Greek) means mud stone or stone from the mud. Lodolite is in fact a quartz crystal with mineral inclusions - has the appearance of an underwater coral scene. The mineral inclusions vary from stone to stone and the colors of the inclusions can range from green, pink, yellow, brown, white, red and multi-colors. Lodolite crystals enable you to make contact with the crystal Devas and guides contained within the crystal. It makes communication on the spiritual plane more accessible, bringing about a transmutation of your higher spiritual energies.

It also increases your psychic abilities and gives you the 'key to your inner knowledge' from past life times. It is an honor if Lodolite has found it's way to you - this is quite a rare healing stone.
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