34 Berkley Powerbait Realistix Walleye Bass lures CHPPW

You are bidding on brand new Berkley PowerBait Realistix Power Minnow Grub fishing lures. You will receive the following:

2 packages (5 ct. each) of the SCMG4-CHSH - Chartreuse Shiner

2 packages (6 ct. each) of the SCMG3-PE - Perch

2 packages (6 ct. each) of the SCMG3-PW - Pearl White

Power Minnow Grubs are ideal for Walleye, Crappie, Panfish, and Bass

Pre-Rigged for Convenience Lifelike Action Trolling or Drifting Scent & Flavor 4"10cm - 1/4 oz 7 gr (Chartreuse Shiner) 3"7.6cm - 1/8 oz 3.5 gr (Perch & Pearl White)

Berkley PowerBait is formulated by the world's top fish scientists. Anglers have achieved catch rates 2 to 1 over ordinary plastic baits!

Fish hold on up to 18 times longer than other scented or unscented artificial bait!

You will receive a total of 34 lures.