34 CdVs of Women taken 1860s thru 1890s with 4 ID'd

We are thinning our antique photo collection so ’s your chance to either start one of your own or add to an existing one. These thirty-four CdVs (including two tin types) of women of various ages were all taken some time between 1865 and the late 1890s. They show a wide range of hair and dress styles with some great jewelry and accessories shown in many of the pictures.

A few images are a bit faded, but most are in good to excellent condition. Four are identified on the back and all but five have back marks.


J. M. Stein (stenciled)

Nancy Miller (photographed in Lansing , Michigan )

Mary Rhenbottom (photographed in Lansing , Michigan )

Nattie Rhenbottom (photographed in Lansing , Michigan )


Wm. W. Seeler, Philadelphia , Pa

McLain, Logan , Ohio

Turner, Boston , Massachusetts

Curtis, Madison , Wisconsin

Baldwin & Harvey, Chicago , Illinois

Brow, Norwich , New York

D. A. Clifford, Monpelier , Ohio

L. B. Smith, Marshall , Michigan

L. F. Heath, North Lansing , Michigan

Will A. Triplett, Blufton , Ohio

Wilson Brothers, Zanesville , Ohio

C. L. Howe, Brattleboro , Vermont

Chas. A. Saylor, Reading , Pennsylvania

Christina Brander,
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