Total weight 1.34 grams

The weight of this gold nugget is 1.34 GRAMS. This gold nugget is unique unto itself. Gold nuggets are all one of a kind! Perfect for the collector or investor!

All of our nuggets are high in purity and 100% natural except for cleaning.

Terry & Dee Stapp have been dredging in California's Motherlode since 1976. The gold that we bring you is from the Historic Downieville/YubaRiver Mining District. We do have gold from other areas that we have gotten over the years that are also included in our auctions. Terry and Dee are highly respected in the mining community. Terry designs and manufactures some of the most innovative mining equipment available today. Their wetsuit heaters are sold throughout the U.S. and are used worldwide.

Our gold is high in purity and 100% natural. We do offer some very smooth river worn nuggets. The river water and gravels wear the nugget to the smooth surface you see, much like a rock tumbler polishes stones.

Our gold items come to you with our personal guarantee of satisfaction. If you aren't satisfied with your purchase then simply return it within 10 days of receipt, and we will refund the purchase amount less all shipping charges. All of our items are pictured next to a standard ruler and the lines are in 1/16 of an inch increments.

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