[#E-345] Vintage Skate Rental Tickets Roseland Skate Rink Johnstown PA 25c x2

[#E-345] Vintage Skate Rental Tickets Roseland Skate Rink Johnstown PA 25 cents
This is a bundle of skate rental tickets for a roller skating rink in Johnstown, Pa. They were unused. The tickets are each numbered individually, and show a skate rental price of 25 cents to get into the roller rink. They are undated, but my guess based on the research I have done is that these are from somewhere in the 1950s.
Front of the ticket reads: Roseland Johnstown, PA Skate Rental Good Date Sold Only 25c
The tickets were printed by the Continental Ticket Co., New London, Ohio.. backside notes: "The management reserves the right to revoke license granted by this ticket by refunding the purchase price and to designate where purchaser may sit. GOOD DATE OF SALE ONLY" (I don't know what the reason for the odd specification about where people could sit, but it is possible this was printed on such tickets to allow them to be used in segregated facilities, with separate areas for blacks and whites?)
The Roseland Rink in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, opened in 1941, and closed in the early 1980s. The building was 8,500-square-feet, and was renovated as a meeting hall in 2005.
Tickets are numbered 34001 - 36000 and 36001 - 38000
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