3482 Digital Photos of Europe and US Trips / Travel

This auction is for four video CD's with 3,482 digital photos and 184 pages of written material covering 17 trips throughout Europe and the United States. The written material provides an explanation of the photos and also provides commentary on some of the trips. All photos were taken on high resolution (1600X1200) and stored in JPEG format as is the written material. Some of the photos have been digitally enhanced or cropped. The photos can be viewed on your computer or TV using most DVD players. The written material can be printed on your printer.

These photos are copies of 35mm Kodachrome slides that were taken by my father (a professional photographer for over 40 years) using a Leica 35mm SLR camera. The original slides sold for more than $1,100 on E-bay. The written material is both hand written and typed. Both were scanned and stored as a JPEG file. The typed material was also translated into a Microsoft Word document.

The photos and written material are organized in folders by trip name on the CD's.

Most trips includes an explanation of what each photo is although this is not guaranteed to perfectly match the numbering of the photos. T is also a write up of each day of the trip that includes general commentary and items of interest for some of the trips.

These photos are ideal for people
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