1/35 Allied Truck Load #3 Resin - 2.5 Ton Tamiya deuce and a half - Value Gear

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Value Gear Details 1:35 Scale Resin Stowage

Allied Deuce and a Half 2.5 Ton Truck Load #3

Unpainted Gray Resin Model Kits

Cargo Truck Sets:

The German truck load sets are approx 54X100mm (2.125X4.125 inches) they are modular (smaller clumps) to give more abillity to customize the truck load, fill smaller trucks or use for ammo dump on a diorama. These are unpainted gray resin model parts, the painted samples in the picture are just to show the details and possibillities. Truck not included.

These are many other 1/35, 1/48, 1/72 Sets Available: So Please Check our other listings.

Value Gear Details:

For about 2 years now I have been working on a range stowage items. So far I have made sets of Universal/Generic Tent tolls and crates for 1/72 1/48 1/35 scales, and have some Army and War specific sets in 1/35 scale and will soon have some in 1/72 as well.

Universal/Generic Definition:

Stowage items that should work on most vehicles from a covered wagon to a WWII sherman tank to an modern Humvee... "Any Army Any Era" is what I am trying to create. Universal/Generic items do not include any weapons or details to identify them to a specific army or time period. They may not work on every model but with so much variety you should be able to find a piece
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