New!!! 1/35 Scale Willys Jeep Set #1 - 10 Pieces - Resin Stowage ValueGear

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Value Gear Details 1:35 Scale Resin Stowage

Willys Jeep Set #1

Fill up that jeep, the fellas need supplies!

Unpainted Resin Set for Tamiya/Italeri Jeeps

10 Pieces (Jeep Not Included!)

These are many other 1/35, 1/48, 1/72 Sets Available: So Please Check our other listings.

Value Gear Details:

For about 2 years now I have been working on a range stowage items. So far I have made sets of Universal/Generic Tent tolls and crates for 1/72 1/48 1/35 scales, and have some Army and War specific sets in 1/35 scale and will soon have some in 1/72 as well.

Universal/Generic Definition:

Stowage items that should work on most vehicles from a covered wagon to a WWII sherman tank to an modern Humvee... "Any Army Any Era" is what I am trying to create. Universal/Generic items do not include any weapons or details to identify them to a specific army or time period. They may not work on every model but with so much variety you should be able to find a piece to fit in whatever space on whatever kit you are working on.

Since the pieces are so versitile, They can be good for Gaming as well as model building, I have seen pictures of Value gear on - forge world and games workshop tanks, WWI dioramas, WWII dioramas, Modern Dioramas, Post apoctolyptic zombie
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