with letter of provenance, about 9' x 18', wool bunting canton with double wreath medallion pattern, with linen five point stars, sewn canvas sleeve type hoist surrounding original hemp braided rope with cast ring grommets at each end. The manuscript letter of provenance reads to Mr. Robert Megee 108 Hunter's Lane, Lafayette, LA. 70507 Dear Mr. Megee, thank you for buying my flag. I hope it finds a good home. My grandfather, who died in 1918, purchased this flag at an estate auction. I have no idea of the exact year. It was described as a battleship flag. However, after speaking by phone, with some experts, I was told it could have been a storm flag or a Garrison flag. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, Margarit Shirley...PS. I was also told that the holes in the flag were a plus, not a minus, because the nature of the item.