#35B Snowtrac Tractor

All of my cars have been in Matchbox clear plastic wall mounts for approximately the last 35 to 50 years. The vehicles have never been played with or rolled on the ground. If there are any scratches or mars that would indicate an other than "mint" condition, I will attempt to show or describe. I will do my best to also accurately describe the condition of any box that would come with the vehicle. I accept paypal only, and would prefer to keep my sales within the continental USA. I will ship at a flat rate cost to the buyer of $2.00, and I will combine items and charge only actual price. Price for any insurance requested will be paid by the buyer. This Snowtrac Tractor is in near mint condition . This vehicle has never been played with. There are a very few pinpoint paint chips. Please look at photos closely. Sorry to say, there is no box available. Thank you for looking.