35lb cap. Rock Tumbler Ball Mill Case Debur Polish

35 Pound Capacity Commercial Duty Tumbler

Model 35P

List Price for tumblers this size are from $600 - $1000 , buy and Save Big $$$$$ WHY PAY MORE??? Two Year Warranty On Parts And Labor, compair that to all others who only give you a 1 year warranty!!! Compair this tumbler to Covington Engineering or Diamond Pacific's tumblers and you will see t is no compairison on Price or Quality. This tumbler will be the last one you will ever buy, it will last a lifetime of thousands of hours of use! It comes with complete instructions on rock polishing, ball milling, maintenace, and the certificate for the 2 year warranty!!!!

Rock Polishers You can polish 1.75 gallons of rocks in our 2.75 gallon barrel at once in a very short period of time!!!!! That is a huge amount, its extremely fast because of its very large motor that is capable of rotation barrel at the optimum speed, not like the cheap hobby polishers with smaller motors that burn up and run at slower speeds.

Bottle Cleaning This tumbler works very well and is the prefered tumbler for polishing dug antique bottles! 3 different size barrels are available for your needs.

Reloaders Leaving room for the brass to roll around inside the barrel this tumbler will hold 2 gallons of brass in the largest barrel. It works extremely fast, cylindrical barrels
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