36 inch satin steel ruler,64ths and 32nds, pretty good condition

36 inch Satin steel ruler--8ths and 16ths on one side--32nds and 64ths on the other side
The ruler sat in my garage shop for 20 years, had some rust spots that were taken off with scotchbrite and 400 grit sandpaper
that is why it is listed as in pretty good shape. there are some blemishes on the surface where the rust spots were.
Maybe mediocure or OK shape would be a better description. I just want to be clear about the condition of this ruler
so please note there are some minor blemishes on the surface- but they are really not BAD. currently there are no rust spots on the ruler
ALL DIVISIONS ARE easily READABLE-- even the 64ths.
there is no manufacturer listed on the ruler--it says "Tempered" and it says Made in USA
my pictures do not look that good. I tried to take the best picture I could with my camera, the pics are not an attemt to hide anything, I just do not have a very good camera.
USA and canada bidders only--no overseas bidders--I only ship to the usa or canada