36 Presidential Sterling Silver Coins Franklin Mint

Beautiful set of 36 Sterling Silver Coins by the Franklin Mint. I am selling the coins near spot silver price. The coins are in a superior condition book. T is no damage to the case and the gold leaf lettering is in perfect condition. They have been in my closet for years. The set has 36 coins of presidents from Washington to Nixon. The name of the set is labled The franklin Mint Treasury of Presidential Commemorative Metals ***American Express Edition***, the coins have no damage and are in good shape.

are some facts that I found out about the coins on the internet.

T are 480 grains in 1 Troy ounce. If each commemorative medal contains 500 grains, that is equivalent to 1.0416667 Troy ounce in each medal.

Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver.

Thus, .925 x 1.041667 = 0.963542 Troy oz. of pure silver.

You can then multiply 0.9653542 times the current spot price of silver to determine the approximate melt value of each coin/medal. Multiply that times the number of medals in the set to get a total approximate melt value.

Sets such as these generally sell for a premium over the melt value.

Since silver has been hovering around $10.00/Troy oz and now it has gone over $10.00 and closed at 10.22 and on the rise, at the $10.22 value pre ounce each coin would be worth $9.86 melt value.


To that would be added some premium to represent fabrication, packaging, and distribution.

So I am selling the set for $375.00. If you look on the internet you will soon discover that I am at half the price or way less than others selling the same set. My price also includes shipping and that means UPS or Snail mail insured.Merry Christmas and please check out my other silver items for sale and make me an offer.

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