36 Pc POLITICAL CAMPAIGN PINBACK BUTTON COLLECTION LOT EXCELLENT CONDITION This offer is for 36 metal buttons/pins from Vintage Political Campaign Buttons/Pins which Kleenex Tissue reproduced in 1968 from original Presidential Campaign Buttons covering many years. The buttons are colorful reminders of our forefathers accomplishments and misdeeds. All the buttons are in excellent condition and have pin backs as shown in the last photo. This collection of buttons/pins promoted the following candidates: Barry Goldwater – Our Next President Richard Nixon/Lodge Lyndon Johnson/Hubert Humphrey John F. Kennedy – Forward with Kennedy Dwight Eisenhower – I Like Ike Dwight Eisenhower – Draft Ike in 1956 Theodore Roosevelt – Blue & White Background McKinley/Theodore Roosevelt Adlai Stevenson – Best in View Adlai Stevenson – Our Next President Frank lin Roosevelt – O.K. America You Bet I’m With You Frank lin Roosevelt/John Nance Garner Frank lin Roosevelt – Red, White & Blue Background Frank lin Roosevelt/Harry Truman Harry Truman – For President Thomas E. Dewey – For President Dewey/Warren Herbert Hoover – For President Herbert Hoover- Who But Hoover William H. Taft – For President McKinley/Hobart Alfred E. Smith – For President Warren G. Harding – For President Coolidge/Dawes Wilson/Marshall Woodrow Wilson – The man of the Hour
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