36"x72" Canadian Red Ensign Green Leaves Canada Flag

is another Canadian Red Ensign from my collection. Like the others, this also measures 3x6 feet and has the green leaves on the shield as per the 1922-57 version. this flag I bought about two years ago and is an original (I would date it to the mid-50s) and has a tag sewn identifying it as being made by John Leckie Ltd.

As with all my flags, this one has not been displayed outside (at least since I've owned it) and is tfore in mint condition. Judging from the header, at one time the flag had a rope sewn through the hoist but it was removed and became sleeved.

Shipping to the U.S. is going to be $5.50, and to Canada $7.50. All other locations will have the cost of shipping determined at the auction's close.

Thanks for viweing this item and do check out my other flags up for auction this week.