38 coverless 40s-60s Comics War+Crime+Superhero++LOOK!

i can't list EVERYTHING but 's pretty much a sampling: Adventures into WEIRD Worlds #4, 1952 --Blue Bolt Comics, March, 1948 - Crime Detective Comics #5, 1948 --All True Crime (Marvel), 1950 --4 issues of Tomahawk, 1957-1962, --7 60's superheros, Blackhawk, Superboy, Strange Tales-Nick Fury, Dr. Strange, Double-Dare, Kazar. & Forbidden Worlds, Strange Adventures, etc. --21 WAR comic books (Our Fighting Forces, Star-Spangled War Stories, Capt. Storm, All American Men of War, Our Fighting Forces, Sgt. Fury, Battleground, Space War, etc.)50's & 60's. --38 total coverless complete--a few have 3/4 covers. HUGE STACK OF COMIC BOOKS !!!