39 Gridseed 5 chip Miners (Without Fan) USB Hubs, USB Cables, Custom Power Cbls

What you are getting -
39 Gridseed Miners (GC3355) Fans have been removed. These can be used for Scrypt mining only.
4 12 Port USB Hubs - (Note: one of the hubs had been giving me issues. It powered on when I tested today but no guarantees.
USB Cables for all the miners
1 Custom Power cable set - I had these custom made from Cablez on . When they arrived I did not take the time to disassemble the rig and use them. These cables will allow you to power all the miners from 1 ATX power supply.
I have the original boxes for the miners. Total shipment will be three packages.
Please do not bid if you do not know what these items are and how to use them. All items are AS-IS.
Ask any questions before bidding!