39 Reels View-Master Very Good Used condition

39 Reels View-Master Very Good Uased codntion
This lot is 39 reels of View Master. I will lsit the titles below. all in very good used condition. 2 carded E.T. with 3 reels in each. Look n see in 3D #012-419, #521 Yucatan Scenes, FT-8 Little Black Sambo, 520 Chichen-itza, 945 Roy Rodgers King of the Cowboys with Trigger, 558 Tegucigalpa Honduras, 565 San Juan to ponce Puerrto Rico, 581 Kingstone Jamaica, 589 Port-a- Prince Haiti, 592 Cudad Truuillo Dominican Republic, 597 Nassau Bahamas, 2009 Interlaken Region Switzerland 2 copies, 2014 Lucerne Switzerland, 2015 Making swiss cheese, 3306 River Nile, 3308 People of the Nile Valley, WF-1 Alpine Wild Flowers of the west, WF-2 Alpine wild flowers of the West, WF-3 Alpine wild flowers of the West, B7733 airplanes of the World reel 3, SP-9012 Natural Bridge of Virginia, 760 A,B,and C Aircraft Carrier in Sea Action, 166 Marine studio Marineland Florida 2 copies, 272 Vermont State, 405 coronation of Queen elizabeth II, 406 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, 506 Pyramids of Teotihuacan Mexico, 508 indians of Oaxaca Mexico, 510 Paricutin Vlcano Mexico.


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