3Pc Set Aztec Calendar Silver Proof Fractional Set 1993

This listing is for a rarely seen, beautiful silver proof Aztec Calendar or "Piedra de los Soles" fractional set.

This 3 piece set includes the 1 oz, the 1/2 oz, and the amazingly cool 1/10th oz size. Please take a good look at the pictures...and no it is not a mistake. The 1/10th oz actually has a smooth unfinished surface. This makes for a really cool, interesting addition to your collection. To my knowledge t are no other offerings of this small, fractional piece. is your opportunity to complete this set, and add a piece that is not easily found.

On one side of the coin you have the famous Aztec Calendar, also referred to as the "Piedra de los Soles" or Stone of the Suns. On the other side is the image of an ancient coin press, except on the 1/10th oz it is presented in a smooth, matte, unfinished surface...really cool to be honest.

The coins weigh 31.103, 15.552, and 3.110 grams each and measure 42.00, 33.00, and 20.00 mm in diameter.

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