4 - 1 Gal Coca cola jugs Origional box Atlanta GA 1966

This is truly a fabulous auction find, I had to go back to Tn. twice in order to get the auctioneer to put these up for bid. This is a very hard item to find, all put together, without any packiny material, it weighs 20 pounds. The box had been sitting in someones basement for years, surprisingly, it is in pretty good condition, I have attempted to take pictures of every thing, I will gladly answer all questions,as you know, my photographt isn;t the greatest. The box measures 55 inches in circumfrunce.12 inches by 14 inches. All bottles have their origional tops. By the handle it has des. pat. 184991 T is some syrup left in each of these bottles. Some of the bottle lables are in better condition than the others, I tried to get every thing I could. t are some numbers on the bottom of the bottles.Looks likean 11 1 in a circle 6 and a 13 at the bottom, every time I try to look the syrup moves and distorts them, one bottom has a 12 on it ,another one has a 13 on it, and the other one has a 5 on it.. The side with Things Go Better With Coke has marked with 31 K mfg date 19-66. I read that Atlanta was the home of Coca Cola, born Always was. I am from Fl., but it is my personal choice to. I have purchased a box from Office Depot to send it in, however, I am not sure how to wrap the bottles, AM hoping someone will suggest some thing. I DO ... read more