4 1969 issues of BERKELEY BARB underground newspapers

This is a lot of four issues of The Berkeley Barb underground tabloid newspaper from 1969.
April 11, 1969. The cover has a big photo of a kid tokin a doobie; and t are several marijuana news articles inside. Plus other news on: The Black Panthers; a Stanford sit-in to protest war research; anti Vietnam-war demonstrations; and gay protests. Also, Abbie Hoffman writes of his legal troubles after his involvement in anti-war protests. T's also a review of a Mike Bloomfield concert, and an interview with filmmaker D.A. Pennemaker about Monterey Pop (including comments on Jimi Hendrix's "frighteningly bizarre" performance.) T's also a 1/2pg ad for the movie.
May 16, 1969. Cover story on 2 bystanders getting shot by police at People's Park gathering ("Pigs Shoot to Kill--") With numerous side stories with headlines like: People's War On, Background to Treachery, and Prelude to Battle. Plus pieces on women's rights, ecology concerns, a church arson, Safeway boycotted by chicanos and gays, lots of politics, and two nude sunbathers busted at Muir Beach.
June 27, 1969. The cover has a big photo of Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver; headline is Eldridge Speaks - First Words from Exile. Inside, over 2 pages of Cleaver, "from somew in the world ... (in a) message sent through the underground". Plus, local news about Governor Ronald
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