4 Antique Framed Photos 1935 Indian Lake Cottage Ohio

Description: For your consideration, we have to offer 4 Framed Photographs of an Indian Lake Ohio Cottage, Dating to 1935. T are 2 photos in each frame, 8x10 inch photos in 23x10 inch frames. One frame has 2 photos of the interior of the cottage, each photo taken from opposite ends of the main room consisting of various hunting trophys and 1930's decor. The other frame has 2 photos of the outdoor area including the exterior of the cottage and the land, along with Indian Lake. All photos were Matted and Framed by Haerr & Rosenberry 41-43 West High Street, Springfield, Ohio. These photos were purchased from a local Doctors Estate Auction. Additional Info. available upon request. Reference#: 624730036 Â Condition: Very Good Year: 1935
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