4 Beer Sign Bar Decor Mirrors Olympia Strohs Falstaff

4 Beer Sign Bar Decor Mirrors Olympia Strohs Falstaff

Tastes Great, Shiny and Reflective, Less Filling!

Up for auction is a set of vintage Mirror Signs advertising several brands of Beer.

The first sign measures roughly 14.5" wide by 22.5" tall, and features the Olympia Beer portrait and slogans. t shows typical signs of age, but is in great condition and looks great in its gold wood frame. The printed Victorian woman's image is shown under the glass, with the mirror finish having been removed in her outline to show the print. Quite an attractive sign.

The next sign, measuring roughly 20" wide by 26" tall, features an advertisement for Stroh's embossed upon the glass with an image of a man serving Stroh's printed beneath. The famous coat of arms of the beer is found in each corner. The wood frame looks good for its age.

The third sign, measuring roughly 26.5" wide by 20.5" tall, features the label logo for Olympia Beer embossed on the glass. The glass and its reflective background are showing their age, but could be cleaned and made to gleam again. The lettering shows a little bubbling underneath.

The last sign, measuring roughly 19.5" wide by 23.5" tall, features an ad for Falstaff Beer printed on the glass. The picture shows a jolly old burgermeister (or maybe just a fat man
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