(4) BOHEMIAN CASED CUT CRYSTAL BELLS ~ GRAPES & STARS Ruby ~ Cobalt ~ Emerald ~ Amethyst
Crystal Clear Ind
Set of 4 Cased Cut-to-Clear 7-1/2" Lead Crystal Bells
Gorgeous set of four vintage Bohemian art glass cased and cut-to-clear lead crystal dinner bells in the GRAPE pattern by Crystal Clear Ind., Hungary. Included in this lot: ruby red, cobalt blue, emerald green, and purple amethyst glass bells - gorgeous!
PATTERN: Heavy lead crystal; cased colored glass cut back to clear with a cut grape, leaf and stars pattern; a combination of clear cut and gray cut (cut and etched); faceted cut crystal clapper; contrasting clear crystal multi-sided handle.
MARKINGS A couple have their original stickers that read either "Hand Made, Hand Cut, Pbo 24%, Made in Hungary" or "24% Lead Crystal, Crystal Clear, Hungary." The green one does not have any stickers.
Excellent Condition Beautiful condition with no chips, cracks, lines or wear. One clapper chain is shorter than the others, but I"m sure it's original to production.
A gorgeous set of vintage cut crystal bells for your collection!
MEASUREMENTS 7-1/2" Tall x 3-1/4" D
N R ~ No Reserve ~ NR
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