2.4" CARNELIAN Crystal Sphere Ball w/ Stand - Madagascar - 62mm

Carnelian Sphere


2.44" diameter



11.1 oz

315 grams



2.4" Carnelian polished crystal sphere from Madagascar. This sphere is 62mm in diameter and features fantastic natural color and patterns with hues of red, orange, yellow, and white with veined and banded patterns. Auction includes wooden tripod stand as pictured, handcarved from a single piece of wood in India. Carnelian is a variant of Chalcedony, which is a microcrystalline Quartz. It was used widely during Rome times, 2,000 years before the present era.

Metaphysical Characteristics: Carnelian is reputedly a good grounding stone, helping to keep you anchored and comfortable with your environment. It is often used to help dispel negative energies and to replace them with more positive ones. It is a good motivational stone, allowing one to find the energy to make the most out of life. Carnelian is a very good stone for people considering or undertaking new projects or directions.

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