4 Grey Goose Vodka miniature mini liquor bottles *

This is a set of 4 Grey Goose glass Vodka miniature liquor bottles.

Flavors are:

Grey Goose Vodka Le Citron Vodka L'Orange Le Vanille They are sealed and full.

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Shipping Policies

I ship priority mail in the USA I add 50 cents to shipping to cover the cost of bubble wrap and packing peanuts Shipping estimates are for the USA only International bidders need to contact me for a total before making a payment I discount shipping on multiple purchases I am not responsible for damage to the item during shipping. I put forth a lot of effort to make sure your bottle is packed upright and safe with bubble wrap and peanuts. I cannot help it if your package becomes a football or sits on its side during shipment. Please understand this before you buy.

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Ebay Policies apply for all miniature bottles

1. The value of the auctioned item is in the collectible container, not its contents.
2. The container has not been opened, but any incidental contents are not intended for consumption.
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