4 Mint Enesco Kitchen Prayer Lady Plates All Different!

This is a set of 4 kitchen prayer plates from the 1950's that contain the prayers that are found on the Enesco prayer lady skirts, except these prayers are in their entirety not just a few lines. What makes these plates unique is that each one is a different shape, size, pattern, or design. They are lovely when hung in a row behind a shelf displaying the Enesco figurines. Or, hang them up first and then start collecting the figurines to display in front of them or near them. The plates include: (1) 10 inch diameter plate with brown brick fireplace and lots of utensils. This prayer is called "A Kitchen Prayer" and begins "Lord of all pots and pans and things....." and continues for 16 lines. It has the Enesco label. (2) 7 and 1/2 inch diameter plate with brown cook stove and kitchen utensils. Has the same prayer as the previous plate.....all 16 lines. Has Enesco label. (3) 7 inch diameter plate with rose pink ornately scalloped edge and filigree cut-outs all along the edge. Very unusual edging. The prayer is titled "My Kitchen Prayer" and begins "Bless my little Kitchen, Lord, I love its every nook" and continues for 16 lines. Black cook stove with kitchen utensils. No label...just the word JAPAN. I am not sure that this one is by Enesco since the label has come off. (4) 7 inch diameter plate with pointy gold edge. Prayer is the same ... read more