4 Ornate Victorian Drawer Bin Pulls Cast Iron Hardware

Up for consideration is FOUR (4) original antique bin/drawer pullls.These are NOT repros.Marked PAT DEC.23. 1873..Antique restoration Salvage items..These are in excellent almost pristine condition with the original bronze glaze like finish. I know t old for a fact ..I have the original box.... The depth and detail of the casting is super.right dowm to the pickling in the deep recesses.see photos..exact items in photos are items being sold..No breaks, no cracks, hairlines.TOP QUALITY.No disappointments..100% satisfaction..these pulls are in such excellent condition you are going to find it hard to believe they are old...But I confirm to you.." they truly are"...Fine examples of period hardware..

Measures 4.125" long 1.75" high..3.5" bolt pattern..when mounted flush they extend out 3/4" plenty room for fingertips..

I have a few more of these..? if you need to get a set toghter ?so if you WIN you have an option ..

Buyer pays shipping and handling..total $6.50 to any USA address.