Here is your chance to have a polished custom 1/4 scale Billet Aluminum rear diff for large scale RC action!

In the pictures you see the complete diff by a Savage with a Truckzilla kit for comparison. The other pics are different angles and parts pictures. The ring and pinion are being compared to 1/8 scale for reference.

This is a very strong diff that will hold up to any reasonable horsepower. All shafts are keyed for 1/8 inch and require hubs to be tight to provided spacers to remove end play from shafts.

All gears are hardend and brand new. If there is enough interest I will be making more and can provide replacement parts. I am also designing a front matching diff that can be used front or rear for 4 wheel steering but I am sticking to this for now to test how many people are interested.

This is a hobby for me and many of the pieces are hand machined so if you are looking for "PERFECTION" please don't bid. If you want a tough, cool looking and good performing diff that is built like a brick out house then this may be for you.

The diff has 4:42 to 1 gear ratio, 3/8" (.375) input shaft with 1/8" keyway and 1/2" (.500) output shafts with 1/8" keyway. This is a "locked" or solid axle for offroad use or a "drag" type application on road. The outside of the housing measures 18 1/4". The
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