A quartet of fabulous sequined, beaded Christmas trees, two on felt, one on plastic, one on netting or liner? The showstopper is a large vintage Christmas tree brooch that is old and spectacular, festooned with tiers of green, blue and copper sequins, each one bead-tipped, as are the faux pearls, as if Miriam Haskell made it. Delineating the boughs are tiny silver-gold-grey seed beads. The trunk features bugle beads, while a faux pearl is the star top, finished with three ruby seed beads. It's one of the most beautiful handmade trees I've ever seen. The work that went into it is amazing. It is 4-1/2 inches tall, and is one of the rare vintage trees that is actually large. The other oldest tree in this group is the humbler felt tree also with stars and sequins. Some of the sequins have bead tips, some just have thread knots. This hand-crafted tree is 2-1/4 inches tall and has an unusual old pin mechanism that makes me wonder if it's European. The green, red and silver sequins tree on top left is for some reason very appealing. The flat, strung sequins are attached to a black plastic tree base. This one is signed I don't know the age of the larger tree on right, but it's wonderful, with layered sequins and bead ornament accents, the bronze-sequin-beads pot a perfect contrast to all the greenery. It is 3-1/8 inches tall and may be fairly ... read more