4 SIGNED Silent Film Photos Marguerite Patsy Bryant +

Okay gang, once again, 's my spiel on this latest segment of my once-huge silent film collection to be auctioned off -- the autographed photograph part. With a few notable exceptions, I scarfed these up during my active collecting years simply if they were 1) authentic, 2) cheap and 3) cheap. For me to acquire them cheaply meant they were not exactly pristine examples of the stars' writing; rather, most of these have flaws such as smudges, fading, they might bear evidence of ancient leaky pens, or be rudely cropped, or (a frequent gaffe) be signed in a dark part of the photo, or in some otherwise way be just plain ferklimpt. I will be ruthlessly honest in descriptions below. But they are genuine, not stamped or secretary-signed, and I guarantee them to be so or your money back (full refund or pro-rated partial, your choice). I might not have been so picky about condition, but I did take pains to verify that the items I obtained were the real deal. And now my stewardship of these problem children has come to an end; it's time to find them a new home, with someone who, like me, will enjoy having some interesting names. I will be offering sets of four at a starting price of $25, that's $6.25 each, friends and neighbors, and I don't expect any major fights to break out, so it's a nice chance for some of you augment or begin your

1. MARGUERITE CLARK (1883-1940), former stage star, leading lady in films from 1914, her heyday was the 'teens, and she retired in 1921. Photograph is slightly trimmed, bears in-the-plate logo of "Apeda N.Y.7", no other ID, has inch+ tear on left side held by small piece of ancient tape on the rear, and Marguerite has simply signed her name (alas, signature falls into a few dark patches of photo).

2. PATSY RUTH MILLER (1904-1995), leading lady in movies who debuted with Valentino and Nazimova in Camille (1921), noted roles in Lon Chaney's Hunback of Notre Dame (1923) and Ernst Lubitsch's So This Is Paris (1926). Still shows her with Hunchback co-star Norman Kerry, but not sure if this is from that film; some general wear; Pasy has signed her name in Blue ink, with most of the "Miller" hidden in Kerry's dark leotard leg. Only ID: code number 3874-12 in lower right-hand corner.

3. BRYANT WASHBURN (1884-1963), leading man in many films from 1910, this handsome photo is in very nice shape; bears in-the-plate logo of Evans L.A.; Bryant has signed "Very Sincerely, Bryant Washburn," unfortunately in the very dark lower right-hand corner. Rear bears penciled date of Nov. 26, 1919, and the name "Clyde Denbel," which wasn't the name of a movie, so perhaps the name of a character he played?

4. CONRAD NAGEL (1897-1970), leading man in movies from late 'teens, one of the founding fathers of the Academy Awards. This photo is a stellar example of what I called "ferklimpt" in my tedious intro above. Pic (5" x 7") has been trimmed, looks like it's been through the dry cleaner's (signature is smudged with very little left of the "C" in Conrad and "e" in Nagel). As a bonus, has stains in corners from long-ago mounting. Bears in-the-plate imprint of Evans Studio L.A.
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