4 Tri Kappa Pin Indiana College Sorority Hoosier Skull

4 Tri Kappa Pin Indiana College Sorority Hoosier Skull

Tri Kappa Sorority Pins

Indiana College Hoosier

"Kappa Kappa Kappa"

For your consideration are 4 Tri Kappa Sorority Pins from the famed from Indiana Colleges. Included in this auction are 3 of the unique Skull & Keys emblem and a small box with keys. Each pin is ½ inch tall. The skulls have Emerald Green Eyes and the 'KKK' logo along the eyebrows. The box is outlined with Black/White enamel along the sides. The pins are sharp and the clasps open and close. All are in above average condition showing no signs of damage or wear.

From the Tri Kappa Web Page; a brief history:

"Tri Kappa is a unique philanthropic organization because it exists only within the boundaries of the state of Indiana . The organization was founded in 1901 in Indianapolis by a group of seven young ladies at the Girls' Classical School founded by May Wright Sewall. Each was to begin a chapter in her hometown. From these humble beginnings, Tri Kappa has thrived to 146 active chapters and 121 associate chapters with almost 10,000 members.

Gifted and talented programs at Purdue University , Indiana State University, Rose-Hulman, and the Indiana Academy of Ball State University receive support from Tri Kappa. A contribution for expenses is made
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