Up for auction I have a very ornately detailed 5pc set of Antique German Pewter XLG Utensil spoons with wall mount wood display rack. This is a gorgeous set and would be a very unique addition to the pewter lovers collection. I believe these spoons are antique, but I have no documents to verify that. This spoon and rack set are in excellent gently used condition. T is no dents, dings, scratches, corrosion or discolorations of any kind on this gorgeous set of German Pewter Spoons and display rack.


The winner of this auction will receive the 4 XLG pewter spoons and rack shown in the photos. The spoons have a very pretty polished finish.

These spoon are very rare and quite lovely.

T are 4 different style spoons. The 4 matching spoons consist of a ladle, a strainer spoon, and a salad fork and spoon.

The spoons are very large. They feature an aged patina, but are quite usable! The shaft is long and smooth with no detail. The tip of the handle is slightly curved. T is the remains of some sort of emblem that was embossed into the top of the handle but has since been worn down. I can't make out what it originally was, perhaps an angel. Must see!

The "bowl" area of the spoons is are large, round and deep. Old yet still quite functional!

The winner will also receive the lovely oak
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