40 22kt Gold Replicas of the Wonders of America Stamps & FDCs, 5/27/2006

Thisauction is for a complete collection of 22kt Golden Replicas of the Wonders of America Stamps produced by the Postal Commemorative Society (PCS). This collection includes 40 Official First Day Covers (FDC); each FDC includes a proof-like 22kt Gold Stamp Replica of the featured stamp incased in a protectively sealed capsule. Each featured stamp is cancelled with the Official First Day of Issue Postmark. A descriptive information/fact card written by experts on American history and United States Stamps is also included for each FDC. All the FDCs are un addressed. A nice custom designed simulated leather Collector’s Album with transparent vinyl pockets for protecting and displaying each FDC is also included. Overall the collection is in excellent condition.

To the best of my knowledge this is a complete collection of 22kt Gold Replica FDCs produced and issued in this series by the PCS. I base this statement on over 15 years researching, compiling information about, and collecting these 22kt Gold Replica FDCs.

The following is a list of the FDCs included in the collection.



Issue Category


FDC Date


Largest Reptile

American Alligator



Highest Sea Cliffs


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